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Alright, let me get some specific responses up.

@ISLAND BUCS – I don’t really have too many thoughts on Pugh, but fresh off injured reserve due to back (even with no surgery)…likely to be leery of that after Sweezy.

@Ft Myers Buc Fan , @Graham, @Cerious – Lack of addressing the RB position in FA was just an omission on my part in this thread. In the past threads I’ve talked about Dion Lewis or Carlos Hyde (all purpose backs who can pass protect) as likely players to be wearing pewter next year. I’d expect to see one of those two or McKinnon.

I’m very dubious that we draft a running back in the 2nd or 3rd round given how much we need DL and interior OL and how much quality depth this draft has in those rounds. We’ll need a reliable back who can pass protect, run professional routes, catch the football, and make plays in space. So I’d anticipate that with the above 3 (and a late round pick for development and to fill out the position).

@The Anti-java – My guess is the Bucs would pass hard on Suh. Licht has been stressing locker room fit and he is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig locker room question. Also, he’s going to demand a chunk of coin that we won’t be willing to invest. But he played very well last year, so who knows? I still say they won’t.

@Ft Myers Buc Fan – My guess is Hays goes top/mid of the 2nd. Regardless of Settle’s combine, his tape is too good for him to fall. Players with good tape typically rise dramatically with the combine results, not plummet horribly. My guess is he’s an end of round 2, beginning round 3 guy. He’s in range for us there.

@Graham – For the LG vs RG pass pro breakdown, it basically boils down to this:

vs 3-4 Eagle Front – Both OGs are dealing w/ outside shade 5 tech DE’s and possible ILB blitz pick up.
vs 4-3 Over Front – LG primarily helping Center w/ inside shade 2 gapping NT. RG has outside shade, 1 gap, 3 tech.
vs 4-3 Under Front – Flip the above exactly.

So really, on Pass Pro, it just depends on the team’s predominate front. There are a LOT of Under teams now, so the RG is dealing w/ 3-tech a fair bit. Beyond that, it really just depends on general technique, leverage, play-strength, and awareness (which is side-neutral).

Regarding the running game? For us personally, we aren’t a predominate right handed running team (while many teams are). Nor are we predominate Strong-side (Dirk loves to run Weak side in Unbalanced formations against a numbers advantage from the Center over). So our Guards need to be able to move well going both right and left (pulling in Gap and crossing faces in Zone). So RG, LG in our scheme…not a lot of difference in the running game. The only major difference is will you be moving to your left or right on pulls, and both of those guys move fine left or right.

– I fully expect someone to fall in love with Sweat’s tape (not us) and come up in the top/mid portion of the 2nd round for him. It would be awesome if it was us (as I surmised that it may be, as we need to acquire a few draft pics in mid-rounds and should have several players on the board available to us mid-2nd, so dropping back 5-8 spots wouldn’t hurt us).