Reply To: Suh!!!!


Imagine signing Suh and drafting Vea. With McCoy, that could create the most interesting front line for a 3-4 in the league… don’t know if it would be effective, but it would be strong and fast for its size.

McCoy and Suh as ends and Vea as nose. I’d even be open to trading McCoy if we could get a big return, but that’s a totally different thread.

It won’t happen, but it sure would be interesting and would allow us to try out more of the smaller fast edge guys and exotic blitzes. We definitely wouldn’t complain about lack of starter talent at the line 🙂

Thanks for indulging the daydreaming… It was just nice to think of a quick way to convert our DL from a joke to a potential league leader. Most of the other thoughts are simply getting us to average (which would be an awesome upgrade).

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