Reply To: Bucs Resign Grimes


I am quite negative about Licht. Very. He is awful. All of these deals could have been done before today, and he could be signing other team’s FA’s. And, in terms of Grimes and Brate… I don’t mind either signing… BUT, whenever the board talks about why we can’t go after better players, cap-space is brought up. Spending money on a 1-year rental when there are longterm answers available just doesn’t make sense. Spending money on a TE, when we just drafted a TE in the 1st round also doesn’t make sense.

What if we spent this money on Suh? Or, why if we spent this money on a upgrade at safety and CB? There is only so much money. Grimes is a good 1-year rental, but only if there isn’t an upgrade available. Brate is a luxury, not a need.

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