Reply To: Bucs Resign Grimes


Throwing a fit like the team has really missed out on ample amounts of players… other than Sherman and Bennett there really haven’t been any names worth scooping yet and both of those are over the hill and possible locker room problems. Sherman made it pretty obvious he wanted to go to someone in the NFCW to play the hawks twice a year.

We definitely need help along the DL and the secondary but throwing a wet blanket on the fact that Licht has brought back our #1 CB, #1 WR (who dominated Sherman), and our best red zone target is just ridiculous.

Copy and pasting your rants in multiple threads is clearly a cry out for attention.

There’s still a long way to go… months of free agency and seven rounds of the draft. There will still be plenty of talent added to the team.

You’d probably be the first to post a bitch fit thread if Brate or Grimes signed somewhere else today.

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