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Anybody unimpressed with the FA pool? Even though I think our team is going to suck again next year I don’t think very many of these free agents are going to help very much anyways. I’m hearing that we will be using it to keep building onto the young guys that we have. I think this is the right way to go. I’m not sold on Light/Koetter either so I don’t think these guys should be throwing money around on crappy players. They might not be here much longer if they keep the mediocrity up. I think they need to draft a little smarter and need to use FA as a tool and not a solution. I think this is still a team in development. I think Jameis is still in development. We need to build our DLine and Oline up. Once those areas play better we should see our wins come in. Granted this could very well take a bit longer than the band aid FA big signings but I want a competitive team for a long time.

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