Reply To: Curious of Board’s Opinion: Jackson or Godwin?


Agree with those saying Godwin outside and DJax inside. The Bucs offensive weapons and the money they are making are not an issue right now. Koetters playcalling is, but hopefully when the interior line and RB position is upgraded in the next 6 weeks, Dirk becomes more effective and everyone eats!

15 mins on the boards and I am sick of you Casren… lots of additions to come, the Bucs have lots of cap room and by all accounts a smart man managing that money, yes a higher percentage of the cap should be used on the D-line… but help is likely coming. You wanna rag on Licht for not investing in that D line for past drafts… I won’t argue with you but that is a different thread pal that was opened months ago. We are where we are and Licht still has the keys so let’s stay optimistic that the moves made this offseason work out.

Brate and DJax making 18 million aren’t hurting anything right now and down the road if they are then they will be let go and at least Licht has drafted OJ and Godwin to fill those voids. I am ok with trading DJax if a team was giving up a 2nd or 3rd and his money was being used on the D side, but then a draft pick has to be used on a WR to keep the depth others have shrewdly mentioned.

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