Reply To: Licht has no pull this season.


Licht sucks as a gm and it’s quite obvious. Could you imagine his record if we didn’t go on that mirage of a 5 game win streak?his fa signing have been mostly disasters except for Grime s McDonald and I’m not ready 2 give up on Jackson yet. Other then that a whole bunch of bums. And his drafts have been ok at best. I don’t count Mike Evans or jameis your supposed 2 hit picks that high. Oj looks ok but we just resigned his undrafted backup long term. His vh3 draft looks like absolute dogshit. Barring noah spence going simeon rice that was god awful and he has hit on no late round picks. Ill give him don smith marpet and kwon tho. Cant blame the glazers 4 telling licht 2 fuck off when it comes 2 the check book.

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