John Wilson

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Open the borders to ANYONE
Do not require ID to cast a ballot
Incentivize single mothers to stay single
Save healthcare by raising deductibles and premiums
Give mortgages to people that can’t possibly pay it back
Scream about class size for a decade…
Next decade, inundate schools with hundreds of thousands more students from the open borders
Send our troops to war with burdensome rules of engagement
Watch videos of people selling baby parts and call the camera man a criminal
Allow a candidate to destroy subpoenaed evidence and double down for her side
Ignore any number of other scandals because she says she didn’t do it
Spend over a year investigating the other candidate, find NO EVIDENCE and say we have to keep investigating
Accept an attorney general and president selling guns to cartels
Give 150 billion dollars cash to Iran
Bring Muslim Brotherhood members into an administration
….and on and on and on

Idiocracy has been the norm for long time. Who knew all it would take was a reality star, involved in wrestling that banged porn stars to begin to turn it around. We should have tried it decades ago. You forgot to mention billionaire, golf course owner, high rise owner and father….sounds like a bucket list to me.

Oh and paying that much for coffee is idiotic….Just sayin’