Reply To: Licht has no pull this season.


Sure it does. For one, you never know what the hell people are thinking. It’s all speculation.

Second, maybe they really planned on having Gruden here but when they heard his proposal, they balked, as would I. So they were probably assuming Gruden would pick his guy. Who knows?

Third, it’s his last year on his deal, there really wasn’t any idea the team would be this awful, and he has had four seasons to try and assemble a winner. He has not, but why bother firing him on his last year when everyone knows the Bucs aren’t winning the Super Bowl next season, and why not just see if Licht can actually pull his head out of his ass long enough to realize he has work to do. And it doesn’t involve drinking beers, and jumping into a swimming pool. It wouldn’t hurt to let him try and get it together…but on a very restricted basis. Cannot cripple the cap, draft kickers within the first six rounds (nor a punter Mark Dominik55), cannot trade away major assets without approval, etc. He put together his team, after half a decade let’s see if he is correct in his assumption that this team isn’t that far off…he said it, not me.

Why not extend him if he is doing a bang up job? He is on a thin line, everyone knows it. So why give him the ability to mire the team, which is in a relatively good position as far as cap goes,having all draft picks stocked, and talent at the offensive skill positions. Resigning guys within the organization is a no-brainer. Brate is a good tight end, worth it. Grimes deal looks bad, but he is a good corner on a one year deal. Can’t hurt future staff with that. Kwon is on a price hunt, I expect the team to look very closely at him…next staff or this one.

It makes sense on some levels to restrict him. Not saying it is true entirely, but it would make some sense. It’s more than just his one chance to get it together. He has had four so far and it has been ugly as hell.

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