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I dislike Licht as much as anyone. But I honestly dont see a lot of guys that fit in this FA. The only guy I have a problem with him not getting is Quinn, and maybe Bennett. This team still needs to resign Jameis, Kwon, Marpet, & Smith. That’s a lot of damn cap space that is going to get evaporated on top of the Evans, Brate, & Grimes extensions. Now do I want Suh, and want Licht to go after him? Absolutely, but I won’t throw a fit if he doesn’t. For one Gerald is an emotion tool bag and I don’t know if he’d mesh well with Suh… and 2nd I wouldnt blame Licht for not paying Suh 17 million a year…we can’t pay everybody, there is a salary cap, and this FA pool is complete trash for what our needs are…just because we sign new guys doesn’t mean we’ll be better, we’ll just being paying a lot more for more of the same.

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