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Our issues are more health related than anything else. There are a ton of RBs in the draft. Some will not even get drafted and will go on to be as good as some of the guys we are talking about. Here’s what we need to be successful.

A strong presence in our secondary, someone that opposing WRs fear, Evans may evolve into that, early indications are good. An edge rusher or two that can assist Gmac in closing out third and long. A guard would be fantastic for pass protection and better run blocking and a running back to compliment Barber. Spence, if healthy, could be that player to help get to the QB. I like that we signed the guys we did, back to our team. We will get some FAs for depth but, the crying over every last player being missed on is a bit much. Running back is now a top 3 round decision, and that’s okay. Give me Guice, Michel, Chubb, JOnes, or Penny, and we will be fine.

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GoldsonAges on 2nd round pick, Safety, Justin Evans, out of Texas A&M - "coaching can’t fix this".