Reply To: Vea & Suh?


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Not at all eye opening for me. We all know who Suh is for the most part. He is a mean hard nosed player, that is not very charismatic or personable but its what makes him Suh, that edge in his personality translates to him being tough to deal with on the field, the guy doesn’t want to play nice or say much, he just wants to wreck an oline and QB. Give me that.

We need players like him who say less and just show up and beat up on the opposing team. Guys like Jameis and Gerald do speech after speech but their play is what matters most. I don’t care if Suh is quiet and somewhat self centered, as long as he does his job which is bring heat to the QB.

And it can’t go unsaid that it’s normal to hear sour grapes from a players former team. Who are the Dolphins anyway? They are irrelevant and don’t even know how to keep their best players. Suh not being a fit for the Dolpins locker room is a possibility, but in all likely it really came down to his salary cap number on why they released him.

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