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I am generally supportive of the Glazers, but this is tough to follow:

Mar 14, 18 at 9:05 am #1067775
I differ from most, glazers aren’t the problem, they spend money on players and coaches, they might pick wrong coaches and GM, who in return can’t build a team

But it’s not lack of effort by the glazers,I have no problem with them at al

I think they are the problem precisely because they have been unable to pick the right coaches and GM and, in fact, have been reactionary. Gruden doesn’t get a franchise QB, so . . .Young(ry) HC who promises a QB, but lacks team discipline as a coach (Morris), fire him and hire a disciplinarian (Schiano) bit don’t let him get rid of problem QB until too late, fire him, go back to the future with Lovie and then path of least resistance (Koetter) when you fire Lovie. Now, keep Koetter and Licht as, essentially, lame ducks.

We have the Jags right across the state as an example as to how now football owners might solve their problems by bringing in football people

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