Reply To: Bucs expected to sign Beau Allen


Overrated according to who? You? Who the fuck are you? I’m sure you think Sherman is overrated but let’s revisit this next season when he’s making an impact for the 9iners and we’re still complaing about lack of talent in the secondary.

No, I don’t think Sherman is overrated. But, you’re damn right I’d be weary of signing someone coming off an Achilles tear. And, while you were too busy whining like a bitch, you might have noticed that he seemed awfully quick to sign with Lynch. Which brings me to my next point with you and the other whiny vags on here. Did it ever occur to any of you that some of these guys simply don’t want to come here? Aside from the lack of state tax and good weather, there’s literally no incentive to play for a cellar dweller that essentially has a lame duck HC and GM.

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