Reply To: Foreshadowing: What Our Moves (or lack thereof) May Mean


Look, the FA DE market was going to be slim before the top available guys were locked up. The draft is awash if DEs that aren’t going to be impact players right away outside of one player.

So what should we do?

I would load up on the OL and get our running game in order. I would also try to create as much of a push up the middle to pressure QBs, Make sure our LBs can fill gaps and stop runs and add an athletic CB and S to create a McDill AFB no fly zone over Tampa.

Our FA plan should be to add Jensen and Sitton. Beau Allen is nice but Poe or Suh would be incredibly better additions. Lois like we aren’t going to get a great FA RB, so save that for the draft. Add E.J. Gaines to compliment Grimes on the outside.

These move put us in a position to be more flexible or happy with our draft position. Chubb is not going to get to 7, but Nelson and/or Barkley might and Derwin James should too. The Bills looking to get into the top 5 kills our ability to get two first round picks, but we might still be able to move out of 7 seven, get a mid first round pick and a another pick this year plus a first next year. Take that trade. Draft Vita Vea if we don’t get Suh or Poe. Draft Guice or Song Michel if we do. If fall back far enough take Davenport.

We still have a lot of options and this first day of FA or preFA yesterday should not dash our hope for the season.

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