Reply To: Foreshadowing: What Our Moves (or lack thereof) May Mean


I don’t think we go after Suh, he just doesn’t make sense to me here. Yeah he’s a stud, but he would be asking for more than GMac, and who would we make play NT as opposed to 3tech? It’s just not a amicable situation for Suh, I could see Poe….and wouldn’t mind it, though he may be looking for more money than we’re willing to spend their.

Also, IDK if we have the funds to get sitton and jensen….they will both be asking for 10million range per year….with our realistic cap space closing in on being sub-20million….I don’t see it happening.

I would like it if we got EJ Gaines for sure, but something tells me we wont be paying him what other teams will….so i am doubtful.

In my opinion, barkley has no chance of making it past the giants. Their signings to this point make it clear that they will get him imo.

I agree with you in remaining hopeful, and many of your scenarios for the draft! Good stuff man.

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