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You’re kidding right??? This man has his team inside the opponents 30 7,8x a game and our QBs make the stupidest decisions Ive ever seen. Maybe before the half when we were at NY 30 with :39 seconds you don’t throw a pick in the middle of the field. Taking away atleast the FG n momentum into the half- or driving inside N.Y. 35 n throwing a lob jump ball into 3 Giants and 5’9” Desean Jackson in the end zone??? Or what about the free pick 6 Giants got on a half submarine half side arm throw to a CB in your own end zone??? Dirk has had to overcome his QBs – 25 TO differential , lack of a running game, ZERO defensive help and missed chip shot FGs n xtra pts to the tune he’s on his 5th kicker in 3 yrs!!!!Suprised he’s not blown his head off- n people blame him????? The GM has not built ANY sort of DEFENSE in FOUR yrs!!! No consistency in the running game, no special teams help ( kickers drafted n paid decent FA contracts) and ZERO depth.Evans was a no brainer at #7 when we had no WRs, OBJ went few spots later. OJ Howard was to never get past 10 he was a gift, and JPP cus NY dumped the $$ was a no brainer when you have worst pass rush ever over 3 previous years!!!Koetter has found a way in SPITE of the QB play, no defense, no kicker, no dominant O line to form a very formidable run game to give TB an offense. They also played their butts off last December when they were out of it. Effort was there, just like it still is from everyone AROUND the QB- too bad they keep screwing it up!