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They don’t have to fake interest in Haskins, or any other QB for that matter. They just have to threaten to trade the pick to another team.



But it also depends on if the top player on your draft board is available at 5 factoring in the chances of not getting him.

Who are we trading with in this scenario? If it’s the Giants and they’re moving up it’s to take a QB. If it’s Jacksonville and they’re moving up it’s to take a QB. In those cases even if you move back to #7 you’re still guaranteed a blue chip positional prospect and hopefully you can pick up an early second round pick to nab some of these O-line prospects.

Either one.   Although to move up one or two spots, I doubt they’d give up a second rounder.   A third rounder maybe.   And that would be something as there is a lot of second day talent on defense.

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