Reply To: Wanna know why the Bucs are as bad as they are?


Look no further than next Sunday’s Superbowl matchup. 3 former Bucs will be playing for a ring. And not just any 3 former Bucs. 3 former 1st round picks that the organization didn’t bother trying to develop or help improve. Aqib Talib, Mark Barron, Adrian Clayborn. Can’t win that way in this league.

Can’t win? Let’s review:

The Patriots themselves had Talib for a couple of seasons and decided not to “develop” him. He’s now playing for the Patriots Super Bowl opponent. Since Talib was drafted, the Pats have drafted 7 players in the first round. 4 of them are not with the Patriots anymore and one of them is actually on their opponents roster on IR.

Two of the players mentioned are with their 4th team. One because he’s a knucklehead and the other because he’s a journeyman player. The third was drafted at another position with the Bucs which he could not play very well and the position he best fits in the current Bucs defense is occupied by a player who is better than he.

Had you posted that the Bucs problems (one of about 75) is the lack of development of players you’d have a point. However you, as usual, have to go completely overboard and bootz it down to a level only you can understand by using 3 pretty poor examples. If these 3 players drafted in the first round and not developed are the problem then what is the Patriots problem within the same parameters since they can win and it can be argued quite logically that they have had the same issue the Bucs have had.


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