Reply To: Bucs in London

blind melon

I am looking forward to it and plan to be there. I’ve been to the last two (Pats and Bears) in Wembley and had great times for the week.

For those that haven’t been – It’s definitely worth the trip, it is a completely different entertainment experience. Fans (UK and otherwise) of all teams are there and enjoy the sport regardless of team support. I also like that overseas ExPats and military get the opportunity to see a game live.

It sucks the Bucs will now have lost 3 home games to the international series/London games.

I would have thought they’d get a break (with respect to being the ‘home’ team).

Maybe it’s more lucrative to ownership to have a ‘home game’? (My guess.)

Bottom line – 0-2, The Bucs are due for a win.

I would also expect the new team/staff will be very popular over there…

Regardless Ownership should also discount season tickets for holders because of it too…

I shake my head at how they don’t seem to get big moves in appreciation of the fans outweigh the minutia…

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