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They don’t have to fake interest in Haskins, or any other QB for that matter. They just have to threaten to trade the pick to another team.

That works if you’re picking 1 or 2. Maybe 3. Not 5. I’m reading reports that the 49ers, who pick 2nd, could look to trade back with a team interested in Haskins. Like the Giants or Jags.

We were fortunate last year with the plethora of top QB prospects to be able to net a trade with Buffalo. But this year is the exact opposite and picking 5 won’t help us much.

You’re contradicting yourself. A trade up to #1 or #2 is expensive, so why would a QB needy team do that for weak QB talent when they can wait for those top teams to take position players? Then Tampa can hold their pick hostage and sell to the highest bidder, still at a lower cost, when they’re on the clock.

That’s my whole point.   None of the teams ahead of Tampa need QBs.   Let them make their picks, then start fielding calls for teams who want to trade up.   If you trade up with the Giants, and THEN the Jags, you pick up at least two third rounders.