Reply To: Another DemocratMedia Fail!: Covington Catholic school


And this is the left. This is you. Look in the mirror.

Highlights –

Jay Willis laments ; “there have never been consequences before, Why should there be consequences now?”

Willis can barely keep his disdain for the teens from boiling over. How dare they hire a PR firm.

In his snowflake rage Willis ignores all facts and repeatedly portrays the students as having harassed a poor, elderly native American:

“Catholic students who found the elderly drummer’s very existence to be at once amusing and worthy of their scorn”

“The presence of a few Black Israelites—a group that any resident of a major city learned long ago to ignore—has no bearing on whether it is acceptable for white kids to chant nationalist slogans at, of all people, a Native man” In hours of video not one person has been able to verify that anyone chanted nationalist slogans. An outright lie

“As usual, no one in America is more entitled to a presumption of innocence than white people.” White privilege… The only reason this even happened is because a bunch of white teens dared to wear Maga hats and this guys claims white privilege.

“to stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and harass a man like Nathan Phillips, wholly unconcerned about potential consequences, knowing that they’ll get as many opportunities to explain themselves as they need.”

This is a look in the mirror for all you left leaning Trump bashers. I’m not expecting you to turn into a trump fan but the left and the democratic party is headed down the rabbit hole and you better get your heads out of your asses before you’re staring at another 4 years of Trump.

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