Reply To: Another DemocratMedia Fail!: Covington Catholic school


I posted a link to an article in GQ, written by a snowflake and picked It apart. If that’s not fair I don’t know what is. This guy is supposed to be a professional. I would think it might shock a few left leaners into realizing how self loathing they are.

Imagine if this was your child? These snowflakes want to shame you for protecting your family and want you to feel bad because you have the knowledge and means to do so? that is insanity. This goes right to class warfare which is a hallmark of socialist states and identifying as a white person is looking more and more like the Democratic Party’s version of the Kulaks.

I have news for you guys, that is not mainstream or moderate or benign. Democrats need to wake up because you only need to look at your Presidential nominees to see that something very wrong is going on with your party.

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