Reply To: Another DemocratMedia Fail!: Covington Catholic school


1.) Socialism is used as a derogatory term… just like fascism. I never once backed away from that and I still cringe when Bernie refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist because buffoons can’t get around that word – IE Norway isn’t China or Cuba or Russia.

2.) You are clearly a snowflake crying about media. You are so damn triggered by this story that you went from rarely posting, to writing your fucking memoirs on here.

3.) The alt right (Donald Trump) is the party of power within the GOP. Bernie is not the even a Democrat let alone the party leader.

4.) Media is just as guilty on the right as it is on the left… for every MSNBC there is a FOX NEWS. For every Huffington Post there is a Washington Examiner. So if you wanna cry about media some more I suggest YOU get out of your echo chamber.

5.) Find some gainful employment


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