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None of the teams ahead of Tampa need QBs…

So, what would stop said teams (#1-#4) from trading down?

What would stop the top three is that teams won’t give up enough loot to move up that far. If you are Jax would you give up your a 2nd and 3rd/4th to move up from 7 to 3? Thats basically the price. It takes two to tango, and I don’t see anyone paying the hefty price to move up to those top three, and I don’t see any of the top three giving discounts to drop down. When it comes to pick 4 I can see that as a possible spot to move up with Oakland, but my gut tells me Gruden will want to pick there and not move down.

What makes this year any different? Teams pay hefty prices for QBs every draft. The Chiefs and Texans didn’t have 1st round picks last year because they paid hefty prices for QBs the prior draft. Hefty price is what you pay when you need a QB and have to trade up for him.