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Free Agency is mostly a crapshoot and is one of the contributing factors to stunting this teams long term development.

You offer D Smith an average contract or you let him walk for someone willing to overpay. (work in for comp picks)

You draft O-linemen every year.

You make trades that provide you depth at your weaker positions while not compromising your teams overall integrity.

You trade players for pick compensation while they have value that you dont intend to re sign (D-jax / Grimes prime examples)

Oh yeah. Did I mention you draft O-linemen every year?

Great, but if you haven’t done that consistently you end up in the Bucs position. Either overpay DSmith or overpay a free agent.

Personally I would move on from Smith. He’s not going to be a starter at left tackle anywhere else but here.

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GottaJaboo wrote:
(Justin) Evans will be far superior to (Budda) Baker in the pros.

Dan Skipper Sucks! (lost bet)
Update - UDFA Dan Skipper has been signed by the Dallas Cowboys