Reply To: 2019 1st Round Pick Prospects Review

Diehard Astheycome

Not that I put all my stock into one’s opinion. However I believe it was PFF graded Q.Williams at a 95.8 they said the highest grade ever for interior lineman.Yet was kind of a one year wonder. This is why I can’t stomach Licht.Too many holes after five years. We will NEVER win until we get SUPER NASTY and physical upfront on the Oline!! Never. Great Oline controls every aspect of the game- Gives a running game, QB time, play action, time of possession ( keeps opp offense off the field and Def fresh, Red Zone efficiency, you name it.We get in playoffs, and are at CHICAGO, GB,NY and hoping we can pass in 5 degree weather coming from Florida? NEVER.This guy has us at the mercy of JPP for almost 15 mil.Williams is a solid LT who allowed zero sacks in SEC.However not as purely dominant as you’d like, but def solid.Licht ruining of 2nd n 3rd rd picks is KILLING us.Last year early 2nd rd had some maulers at guard – he could have moved up 2-3 spots , and got Smith or Hernandez instead our first 2 2nds showed us nothing!! I’d give up Jones, Stewart, and Cappa as a 3rd for one Braden Smith or Willie Hernandez.Imagine if we then grabbed Williams at tackle this year.Youd have 3 young studs in Marpet, Williams, B. Smith all 3 could move around , with D.Smith (franchise)and Jensen ( be top 10 line) then next year take best available lineman regardless of position due to flexibility of other 3 young guys-solidify it with 4 young studs!!Dump D.Smith salary .WR are loaded in this draft and are easy to find. We have more $$ invested in passing game than any team in NFL. At a position that is what RB was 3 yrs ago.( How else are games in 30’-40’s)Now I just explained how good are Line could have been just like that.Plus OJ Howard is supposed to be equally great at blocking and receiving- so we’d have him on the edge as well.Red zone efficiency would greatly improve, time of poss,give us a running game, play action works better,keep Def fresh…list goes on.Just need a competent GM.Sorry so long!!!

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