Reply To: Beckles sounds off on grimes


Let me guess. I start a thread before all this crap comes out, calling him a loser after a few years of appreciation, before his mind got warped by his goofy wife, and guys lik Morgan call me out. But now it’s okay because Ian says so? Gotcha. T

I think you and I are in agreement.

You called this a DOGSHIT FRANCHISE —and I agree.  It is/has been a dogshit franchise pretty much 75% of its existence. But especially over the last decade.  It averages a new head coach every 2-3 yrs. It has gone through some GMs.  It has failed on a lot of drafts. It has players in trouble with PEDs, off-field issues, poor attendance, and in general has been the doormat of the league.  It ranks as being the among the losingest franchises in N. America.

A “fan” is a pom-pom waiving cheerleader who supports the team no matter what. You and I aren’t in that group, are we?

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