Reply To: Another DemocratMedia Fail!: Covington Catholic school


I find it ironic that you get mad an media for making assumptions then you vomit as many as you can.

I think these are the type of stories that divide us and that is the INTENT. To me, this issue by itself is literally nothing… the fact that social media got ahold of it made it 100x bigger than it was.

Until media is non-for-profit these type of things will continue because it is click bait. The loonies from both sides speak the loudest… we create a caricature of the other side based on the extreme and ASSUME that ALL of them are like that.

So you complaining about all this then creating definitive and assumptive statements about the “deranged workings of the liberal mind” is just more of the problem that you are bitching about… don’t you see the irony?

These are the type of stories I try to avoid because it’s just bullshit… media needs viewers so of course they cover it. Polarizing it sells… you are eating up that polarization… making declarative statements about ALL liberals when it fact it’s the loudest and dumbest that typically get the attention.

Left and right are both guilty of this… I’m guilty of it… we all are because human nature is tribalism and rationalizing your viewpoint


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