Rep. Steve Scalise

NFL Should Replay Saints-Rams Game

… This Saturday!!!

6 1/23/2019 8:44 AM PST


Rep. Steve Scalise — the House Minority Whip — says the NFL NEEDS to replay the Saints-Rams NFC Championship Game … telling TMZ Sports they gotta to do it THIS Saturday!!!

We got the Louisiana congressman out in D.C. when he said the NFL blew the ending of the Saints game so badly … Roger Goodell needs to re-kickoff the matchup this weekend.

“Frankly, they should play a makeup game. If the Saints played the Rams on Saturday, I think it’d be the highest-watched sports event all year.”

Of course, Steve’s beef with the game stems from the obvious missed pass interference call late in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s thriller.

Scalise tells us he expects the NFL to right that issue in time for next season … saying the league has too much technology for that to happen again.

BTW … Steve also says the Saints will rebound strong next year regardless — telling us, “We’re going to do some reverse voodoo and get back in the Super Bowl next year!”

Dumbass politician can’t even properly run the country needs to butt out of the NFL.

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