Reply To: Stockpile picks

None of the teams ahead of Tampa need QBs…

So, what would stop said teams (#1-#4) from trading down?

This is exactly what I’m trying to get Graham to understand. Teams 1-4 will most definitely be fielding calls for their pick. Especially if the thought is that there’s only 1 QB worth a high pick. It doesn’t matter how good they think he is. Lack of options makes his value priceless for teams who don’t have a QB.

Exactly. I’ve, more or less, said the same thing.

We’ve seen it multiple times.

QB’s get overvalued at times, especially when it’s a weak class.

If JAX and NYG are both enamored with a particular guy (let’s aay Haskins) they aren’t making a move to #5.

They are going to get as close to #1 or #2 as they can.

Best case scenario for a trade back is a few QB’s killing their pro day, combine, etc

But, even then, I wouldn’t count on it.

Our opportunity was last year, Licht was able to make the right move, but completely fucked it up from there.

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