Reply To: Is Cappa a wasted pick?


I am very happy with the hire of Arians, and I’m not yet sure what Cappa’s future holds.  However, the main issue here is with Licht’s ability to evaluate and pick good players.  He has had some success in the past, but mostly with picks that my grandmother could have made…i’ll also give him credit for Marpet and Godwin.  Aside from that he’s been downright horrible, every year this board is littered with predraft mock drafts, and I would rather have any number of posters here make the selections instead, and I’m not even talking about the most hardcore posters, but even most of the casuals.  His 2nd and 3rd rounds have been nauseating, and even his main stream “successes” are suspect (I’m looking at you J. Evans, Kwon, D. Smith, etc).  Lets not even mention FA misses.

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