Reply To: Is Cappa a wasted pick?


It’s only a wasted pick when the coaching staff that wanted to develop the young man gets canned.

True but the GM who drafted him is still there so that’s something.  If he can show the ability to be a weekly contributor then he will stick around.  If not they won’t hesitate to cut him.  They aren’t going to keep him hanging around on the inactive list every week again.   That goes for Ronald Jones as well.  I’ll go out on a limb and say Cappa will make the 53 man roster because he will do enough to earn backup duty.  They still will have to get a couple more O-linemen.

This is an example of how the team is not a well oiled machine.   Its true that the GM has to think long term and not just draft to bail out a sinking coach.  But still, if you draft a guy in the 3rd round who is a project, the expectation should be that he has a higher ceiling than the guy who is more ready to play.  You talk to the coach and say “Dude if I draft this guy do you have the desire and human resources to spend a lot of time coaching this guy up, because right now he’s raw and it may take a couple years.  Because if we aren’t going to do that we should draft someone who is more ready to play.”

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