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My thoughts:

1) I loved both Deiter and Lindstrom (as I noted upthread, both of their actual football tape is fantastic), so I’d be fine with either.

2) I haven’t watched the Senior Bowl workouts yet, so I’m not sure of what you’re referring to. If it’s 1v1 pass rush, I’d pump the brakes. 1v1 pass rush is good work, but it doesn’t translate to actual games in anything bearing a 1:1 fashion. (A) Rushers have a 3 way go rather than actual gap responsibility and a line call, (B) fatigue doesn’t come in, (C) they’re playing in nearly infinite space with no collateral impacts (completely unlike football).

So it’s good work and certainly reveals traits and technique of both players, but it’s not remotely red flag territory or break out territory. DL that dominate 1v1 Pass Rush may not do a lick of work in games and the inverse is true for OL who may struggle a bit.

That being said, it’s ALWAYS revealing if an OL actually performs well. If Lindstom performed well, that has to move him up the draft board, because one of my few concerns was BC’s narrow splits, constant help, and their proliferate PA Pass game and Pass Sets.

3) Not sure you checked out my 1st round thread. I was disappointed with Devin White as I was looking forward to his tape. See here:

I have major concerns about projecting him as a cover player in the NFL (among other concerns). So, personally, I really don’t like him at 10 (especially considering thevlikely opportunity cost).

4) I love your 39 and 41 picks (as you can see in this thread. I’m somewhat familiar with Jelks and I really like him (though I’m not sure he lasts that long after a likely great combine…he’s in the same boat as Burns).

5) I’m completely ignorant on the other two players, so no opinion.


Personally, sub any of the early DL for White and sub LB Germaine Pratt for Howard and that draft would be huge.

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