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I did read your breakdown on Devin White im just personally a little higher on him as I think he would be a great player compliment to LVD.


On Deiter at the Senior Bowl. During my playing career I was an iOL and always hated 1v1 pass rush as the D-line has such a huge advantage. That being said it is a great place to see the tendancies and fundamental technique of the o-line instead of winning or losing the rep.

What I have seen from Deiter is alot of bad habits. More often than not his elbows flare out when he is making contact causing his punch to miss centre mass and be weak and he has a habit of shooting his hands too soon (in an effort to make up for his lack of length) allowing his hands to be defeated and the defender getting hands inside. On many occasions I have see Deiter not deliver a blow, catch the bull rush and find himself on the turf.


Lindstrom comes out of his stance with his knees bent, elbows tight and hands ready to deliver a blow. He has been the one delivering the blow with his hands inside and doing it consistantly. He has done a fairly good job mirroring which I was worried about due to Boston Colleges offensive scheme.

Lindstrom reminds me alot of Joel Bitonio


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