Reply To: 2019 2nd Round Pick Prospects Review



Good post. Lindstrom is definitely the cleaner prospect technically (you can see that in the tape). If he performed well in 1v1s, that is a strong case to move him up. I’d love to have him here.

On White, I’m at the point now where I need to see LBs play Mid, Hook, Flat Zone (and play it well) and defend Slot and RBs 1v1 (well) at the college level. LSU brackets RBs when the run Man and plays Qs and Man overwhelmingly (while sending the WILB, White, a lot). So I don’t know how to buy into him as a Coverage player when you just don’t see him do it much at all at LSU.

What is your position on that (projecting players for key roles that they didn’t perform in college)?

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