Reply To: 2019 2nd Round Pick Prospects Review


It is always tricky when projecting traits or skills that players are not called on alot to do in college. Was it a schematic coaching decision such as not having Carleton Davis play press coverage, or is it because they suck at doing it such as Ronald Jones never catching the ball at USC.


When it comes to Devin White he seems to have a high enough football IQ which is the first part of being good in zone. If you are smart and can understand the route concept on the fly that is the mental half of the battle. Another big factor for judging this is physical, if White tests well and looks fluid in the coverage drills at the combine. After all this I would bring him in for a workout/ interview. If he shows the mental processing and the movement skills I see no reason why he cant be adequate in coverage when asked to but can also be a thumper inside for this team.

Also I don’t see Bowles running alot of Tampa Two with the Mike running the alley.

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