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I think you have more faith in his football IQ and innate understanding of spatial relationships than I do.

At LSU, he is:

* Playing bracket Man on RB if they play C1M or matchup Qs if he isn’t blitzing.

* Blitzing (which they have that position doing a lot, either Green Dog, Delayed, or just coming).

His role in that defense isn’t terribly demanding from an overhead perspective as far as I can tell and his role in MQ and Bracketing an RB isn’t that physically demanding either.

As far as Bowles Defense goes, they run a lot of Cover 2 Zone, Cover 2 Trap Zone (with pressure coming from the NCB off the slot or the WLB, while the open Corner is reading the slot receiver and trying to break on a hot Hitch or Out), 2 Man Under, and C1 Blitz. In 2013, he ran more C3Z.

If he comes into this defense, it’s going to be considerably more demanding (mentally and physically in terms of coverage) than LSU’s simplified D. 24 Nickel and Dime will see him playing over the weak side A gap (being responsible for it a fair bit depending on the DL line call), while simultaneously having to play a lot of Mid and Hook/Seam Zone and covering the likes of Kamara/McCaffrey in Man if he isn’t blitzing.

I just don’t confident spending that kind of capital on a player that I’m unsure can cover (and honestly, his pursuit/flow game and blitz game wasn’t overwhelming either…good for sure…but not staggering).

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