Reply To: Stockpile picks

Last year we effed it up by winning the last game on a last minute TD pass…
We didn’t “eff” anything up by winning the Saints game to close out ’17 season.
We were in the PERFECT spot for a trade down, maneuvered said trade, then proceeded to shit the bed as many times as possible.
We could’ve completely overhauled the defensive side of the ball, specifically the secondary.
Last year’s draft was another huge whiff on Licht’s resume.

Last year was not a “whiff” as you call it.  That means total fail.  I think Vea was a good pick.  Nelson would have been a better pick.    Only one pick was a total fail.  The rest the jury is still out because… they were rookies.  If any team thinks you are going to save your team by installing a bunch of rookies they will be disappointed.  But Nelson would have tilted the balance because he would have shored up the O-line enough to give the offense some balance in the 4th quarter at a time when the passing game was stumbling and allowed us to win a couple more games in the middle of the season.

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