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You’ll see the tickets are lump sum fee and not per game. Asterisk on bottom of the pdf file says 9 games at RayJay (7+2). Are they pulling a fast one? Reduce the price for the season but reduce the number of games. Not much of a discount from 2018 is it?

As one STH posted in the comments section of the article…

…Let’s be real … my seats were $135.00 per game for 10 games which is $1350.00 per seat … now take off $135.00 for losing one game this season leaves $1215.00. They are selling me my tickets at $1197.00 per ticket so a whopping $18.00 or $2.00 savings per game. Before you praise a team providing a substandard product for giving a discount of $2.00 or 1.46%. Wow, what generosity!!

They should have a free viewing party at RJ on Europe game day for season ticket holders. Free parking and free seating on the field and have some entertainer(s), food trucks etc.