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You’ll see the tickets are lump sum fee and not per game. Asterisk on bottom of the pdf file says 9 games at RayJay (7+2). Are they pulling a fast one? Reduce the price for the season but reduce the number of games. Not much of a discount from 2018 is it?

As one STH posted in the comments section of the article…

…Let’s be real … my seats were $135.00 per game for 10 games which is $1350.00 per seat … now take off $135.00 for losing one game this season leaves $1215.00. They are selling me my tickets at $1197.00 per ticket so a whopping $18.00 or $2.00 savings per game. Before you praise a team providing a substandard product for giving a discount of $2.00 or 1.46%. Wow, what generosity!!

They should have a free viewing party at RJ on Europe game day for season ticket holders. Free parking and free seating on the field and have some entertainer(s), food trucks etc.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they do something for club members at least. Would be good to rewards those saps who shell out $$$$ to see them play.