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I’m not a weed smoker by any means but I have people close to me that smoke.

Why does america look at weed like its crack cocaine? Especially in this conservative state of Texas I live in. What is the REAL reason that they don’t like weed in America? Is it because it can’t be taxed so they try to brainwash the sheep?

Because they make a ton of money off of over counter and prescription drugs. Marijuana can help treat many of the things people buy that stuff for and would be cheaper. Drug companies absolutely despise Marijuana and would pay companies to be against it.

Plus the federal government is in bed with doctors and pharmaceutical companies.   Legalize weed and that hurts both entities tremendously.   Not to mention the FDA would have to cut staff.   And this doesn’t just apply to weed.   There are drugs overseas that can do a much better job of fighting terminal diseases like cancer and AIDS that you can’t get here because they aren’t approved by the FDA.  It’s sad that our own government would rather see us sick and/or in pain in order to keep doctors and drug companies in business.