Reply To: Another DemocratMedia Fail!: Covington Catholic school


@jbear – just curious if this whole tirade was you trying to point the finger and run, or if you genuinely wanted to see if there is common ground – or extract some understanding of what the left stands for…

I’d wager that we agree on more than you think and lot of the idea libertarians have are very idealistic (ironically like socialism which also has no practicality in the real world). Meaning I can respect some of your IDEALS but in the end we have to operate within the guidelines of laws, politics, AND the constitution… so ideas like going to the gold standard, and deregulating everything etc aren’t cemented in any reality. Stupid people do stupid things and we create laws and regulations because of those stupid people. It sucks that 99% suffer for the 1% of people that abuse power of laws but that is exactly what checks and balance exist.

Even with all of that said I still think there is a lot of common ground. Common sense gun laws. Take money out of politics (unlimited campaign finance), alternative health care solutions outside of ACA, common ground immigration and border security, etc.

Are we THAT far off?

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