Reply To: DJax


I guess DJax is a passionate guy.  He doesn’t like losing.  He wants to get the ball and gets frustrated when he doesn’t.

What about Cam Brate?  He’s not frustrated with losing and not getting the ball?  He just doesn’t care apparently as long as he’s cashing his check, because he’s not spouting off on social media.  Gerald McCoy.  He gets a lot of heat for the terrible defense.  I guess he’s not passionate because we don’t hear him demanding to be traded.  Mike Evans.  He doesn’t whine about losing games, so I guess he just cares about his own stats.

Seriously, these guys are just as frustrated and passionate.  They just don’t air their dirty laundry for the public to hear about it.  When you make excuses for a guy like DJax its a slap in the face of all the guys who you don’t hear from, who keep things in house, who are being team players.   These guys care just as much about winning, or moreso because they are trying to do what’s best for the team.

Because you can’t keep your mouth shut to the press or on social media doesn’t mean you are more passionate.  It just means you are a selfish loose cannon.   DJax may stay or he may go.  But regardless don’t excuse his behavior.

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