Reply To: Kareem Hunt or Le'veon Bell


Hunt. And I’m a HUGE Le’veon Bell fan. But Hunt is younger, would come cheaper, and at least I can believe he cares about football and his team. Bell is out for himself and his money alone, which is fine. More power to you. But you quit on your team and can’t be trusted. Plus while both of these guys have had trouble off the field, 1 of them is a repeat offender and it ain’t Hunt.

Wow. Hunt didn’t let down his team? Where was he in the championship game? Oh he was kicked off the team. But Bell is the one letting his team down because he didn’t have a contract.

He never said that Hunt didn’t let down his team. He said he didn’t quit on his team.

Big difference.


Bell didn’t have a contract.  You can’t just say “Get out there and play.”  This is the pros, not the Army.  Its a business and Bell didn’t sign the contract.  Thats not letting down your team. The Steelers tried to franchise tag him twice and he wasn’t going to have it.   I don’t blame him for not going along with it.  I don’t blame the Steelers for not wanting to pay his demands. They could have just traded him or cut him loose and he would be playing for some team in the NFL and being a good teammate and not letting down his team.  But the Steelers wanted to take advantage of the bargaining agreement to coerce him into playing under their terms and it backfired.  Its on them as much as it is on Bell. If Bell just came out of the blue with this, then I would agree with you.  But the Steelers tried to tag him twice in a row, and he’s a running back who’s peak years will be over soon.  He has the right to try to get a contract.  This is contract stuff, and its not letting down your team.

I guess I side with Bell because the Steelers tried to force him to play and he basically just said no nobody is going to force me to do anything.

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