Reply To: 2019 1st Round Pick Prospects Review


At this point, I like the idea of trying to trade down and taking the best OT available. There are several good ones projected to go high in the draft. I wonder if Donovan Smith would do better at RT. Also we have got to find a starting caliber RG somewhere.

1) This draft has multiple good Guards. Lindstrom/Deiter round 2.

2) I reeeeeeeally don’t like the idea of spending our 1st round pick on OT in this draft with the embarrassment of riches at DL I this draft.

I think my ideal situation would be:

1) Trade down a few picks and acquire an extra 2nd:

2) Take whichever of the top 6 guys I have above.

3) Take CB Oruwariye and OG Lindstrom/Deiter I’m round 2.

4) Take LB Pratt round 3.

To get an extra 2nd we would have to trade down to Denver at 10 minimum.  To trade down to Jax at 7 would get us an extra 3rd.

Thats just an interpretation of the DraftTek Trade Value Chart.  5 is 1700 points.  10 is 1300 points.  Denver’s 2nd round pick is 490 points.  So doing the math we would have to throw them back our 4 worth 100 points.   Its flexible obviously, but I don’t think the trade chart is going to be thrown out the window this year by any means.  Jax #7 is 1500 points, and their #3 is 245 points.  So that isn’t too far off.

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