Reply To: Trump is Pelosi’s B$&@!


Here’s the kicker: nobody wants your fucking wall and I certainly don’t want my taxes paying for it.

This is an example of where you are dead wrong. There is most certainly a very large number of people that support a wall.

Here’s the real kicker: a lot of those people are Democrats, just like yours truly!

It is also quite telling how you completely dismiss the cost of illegal immigration. Let me guess, once Pelosi rejected Trump’s facts you automatically did the same. Well, I did a little poking around on the subject. Turns out Trump is pretty damn accurate. You see, the key is to not rely on opinion pieces for your facts….duh!

That’s great that you don’t want your taxes paying for the wall. But, it’s a really idiotic statement when you then consider how much more of your taxes are paying people to just show up. Do you personally know anyone that relies on government money to make ends meet? Back in the day, my grandparents did. I also have known people that need that money because of disabilities. Why do you want to take money out of the hands of these citizens and literally give it away to people that have no allegiance to this country and/or have not done anything except show up to receive it. This is the biggest problem with my party. I want to give more to people in need. But our citizens are being pushed to the back of the line. I guess that’s ok with you?


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