Reply To: Hello Bucs fans


Good job! Excellent “discussion”. God forbid you consider anything outside of your comfort zone.


So you are saying I am not a frustrated democrat. Do you think there is no such thing as a democrat in today’s America that looks at the job numbers, tax cuts, tough stance on trade,  calm North Korea, the Kavanaugh fiasco, the border debate etc and wonders why these issues are so divisive? I have news for you. I am among a rapidly growing number.


Again, congratulations on being part of the problem within our country. You’re a lemming and a cancer to the fabric of our society. You think that because you are able to classify different groups of people into different categories of victimization that you are superior to those that believe in a more hand up, not hand out system.


You and your little group of friends have ruined this board. It is not possible to have a meaningful discussion. Which is exactly why I took so long to start posting. I thought a middle of the road, pragmatic person could elicit some debate. You boys just need to continue your happy little circle of friends and keep your politics in here.


Sorry it’s soooo many words. I sure hope you don’t get a headache from all of that reading. Bless you heart!

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