Reply To: Dillard best OT in draft imo

Diehard Astheycome

We wont take OL till second round and maybe again in third round. Lots of solid OL early just not at 5 in first.

Oh I know, and I don’t think you can pass on a shut down corner or maybe even sideline to sideline monster. My anger which I’m still not over, was last year in early RD 2- there was a group that on many boards were actually arguably BPA- we could have moved up 2-3 spots and been guaranteed a stud inside.All of them helped immensely – Hernandez opened holes for Barkley, Corbett helped with Nick Chubb n Mayfield’s year, Braden Smith partnered with Nelson gave Indy a playoff appearance and one stretch Luck went 6 games without a sack. Even Daniels who went one spot after Rojo helped contribute to Trubisky n Chi turnaround. It’s like all the other GMs play chess n ours plays checkers!! I don’t want to “ reach on an OL when hes nowhere near BPA on the board.Dallas goes Oline all the time- Fredericks/Martin/T.Smith   All 1st and still they reloaded with Connor Williams who we should have ABSOLUTELY jumped on before MJ Stewart??! A DB most had as mid -late 3rd ! Even if he took Derwin James like most said, he’s a do it all safety . Cover WRs and stops the run.So he’s basically a CB/S and WLB.

Smart GMs know the draft classes strengths and looks ahead. Not to mention he’s the worst at free agents.DJax 10 mil?? Jensen?? Humphries gave us much more than Djax. One trick pony WR , late in their career at a position that is easy to find guys on day 2 , you don’t pay 10 million. It’s like he’s a 15 yr old casual fan.

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