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I’ll note again with my eval of Devin Bush:

This is a pressure defense w/ a lot of 2nd level players threatening gaps at the LoS at the snap, a fair amount of Slant and Scrape and Green Dog blitzing by LBs (w/ 2 Man Under) or straight blitzing.

Further, this is not a 5 tech player in the pros. If he is expected to do what JJ Watt is doing, forget about it. I expect him to be a 3 tech DT.

Traits I saw…


* + get-off…but I was expecting overwhelming type of get-off. I’m not taking about plays where he is reading a ZRO key and not gap-shooting. I’m talking about plays where he doesn’t have a key that will stall him; so straight edge-setting or pass rush snaps. Good get-off, but not devastating. Short area quickness (even east or west from standstill, but not violent change-of-direction) seems to generally be + (but not devastating).

* Violent, strong hands. Shocks single teams in the run game and re-establishes the LoS. He can certainly edge-set at the next level if forced to play 5 tech in specific situations.

* Disciplined against the ZRO. Doesn’t just chase the RB. He reads (and typically correctly) and makes the appropriate play.

* Speed to Power rush game should do some work in the pros (but see below regarding hands).

* Multi-tech player. He’s got experience playing 3, 5, 7 and some shade techs (I didn’t see any even techs).

* If he gets his hands on you, you’re going down. He’s the kind of guy that can be a bit out of position, but a RB is going to have trouble breaking out of an arm tackle.


* His lateral mobility isn’t great (which is one of the primary reasons he needs to be a B gap penetrating 3 tech in the pros). You see it when he is running games and scraping off of the adjacent DL, you see it in space, and you see it when he is attempting to run the C gap arc on a vertical setting OT. This is an issue a lot of DL’s have and it is one of the primary issues for finishing plays that are there to be made. He’s not a finisher at the college level and I don’t know about that suddenly changing in the pros.

Pretty linear player that mostly wins in straight lines. The B gap arc is doable for him (hence 3 tech in the pros)…but I don’t have enough to go on when he’s dealing with a good OG who 45 sets well. Can he outright win the B off the snap or get even with a good OG in the pros and use his hands to win that B gap arc and force the QB off the spot…or will he be rounded out of the play routinely? I don’t know.

* His snap anticipation is extremely inconsistent. I’m seeing a lot of plays where he is the last guy moving. This can completely offset his + get-off.

* While his hands are violent and sound in the run game, they don’t consistently do the kind of work that needs to be done in pass rush. On a similar note…I’m not sure about his length. He seems pretty average there.

* I don’t see a mature suite of technical pass rush skills here. I see a lot of (what looks like) speed to power attempts that end up with Gary body to body w/ an OT and the OT either anchoring or re-anchoring and the pass rush stalling out. There was one Stutter and Go that did some work and a Swipe and outside Rip that helped him soften the C gap arc so he could move the QB off the spot. But nothing reliable and way too many unproductive pass rush snaps.

* Inconsistent motor. I see a lot of throttling back on plays away from him rather than chasing down the LoS or establishing an angle of retreat and pursuing the ball.

* I see some awareness issues that look like Vita earlier in the year. On occasion, I see some trouble finding the football as he’s squeezing and shedding (and the ball carrier runs by him without a play made on it). I saw the same thing on a (pretty obvious) Screen that went over top of him.


I was expecting an absolutely explosive get-off and consistent snap anticipation. I didn’t see either of these (and the inconsistent snap anticipation was really bothersome).

I see some general issues with this player, some technical issues, and some difficulty projecting him to a position that he didn’t see a ton of action at in college (3 tech).

I don’t like him as much as I like Gerald Willis from Miami (who I reviewed for the 2nd round). I’m putting him near the bottom of this list. Pretty disappointed to be honest. I was hoping for another premium DL player at the top of this list to all but ensure we got one even if we trade back to 10-ish.


1 – Josh Allen (Edge)

2 – Quinnen Williams (DT)

3 – Greedy Williams (CB)

4 – Jaylon Ferguson (Edge)

5 – Clellin Ferrell (Edge)

6 – Ed Oliver (DT)

7 – Jonah Williams (LT) (assuming a Zone run offense…if not, he goes down to the next tier)


8 – Dexter Lawrence (DT)

9 – Deandre Baker (CB)

10 – Byron Murphy (CB)

11 – Rashan Gary (DL)

12 – Devin White (ILB)

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